Mechanical Projects

Mechanical Project Titles

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  1. Bio-mass briquette pellet making machine with heater  
  2. Semi-Automatic Hole Depth Measurement And Pothole Filling machine 
  3. Coconut shredder with squeezer / Coconut scrapper cum milk extraction machine            
  4. Multi-utility Agriculture vehicle for Grass cutting, digger and tiller             
  5. Combined model of Pneumatic TMT rod bending cum roller bending Machine    
  6. Automatic quantity based Electrical incinerator cum aqua silencer            
  7. Oxygen and temperature sensor based home door open and close system with SMS alert              
  8. Copra dry coconut de-shelling machine 
  9. Waste plastic into 3d printer filament making machine  
  10. Three in one waste plastic collecting and crushing and shorting machine
  11. Sensor based Automatic Shoe cleaning cum polishing machine   
  12. Floating Plastic waste collector from river             
  13. Kitchen waste decomposition cum crushing machine      
  14. Vacuum based Paddy collecting cum weight based packing system           
  15. Waste Plastic separation and crushing for municipal solid waste
  16. Engine/Motor Powered Sugarcane harvesting machine 
  17. Solar scroll saw machine / Solar switch board cutter        
  18. Semi-automatic copra coconut cutting machine
  19. Three axis Hydraulic/pneumatic Modern Trailer 
  20. Dual side shaping machine by using scotch yoke Mechanism       
  21. Trash Removal system in water bodies/Canals   
  22. Automatic pneumatic Pineapple Peeling machine             
  23. Automatic Pneumatic Drilling and Tapping machine         
  24. Motorized Roller bending machine          
  25. Single motor Multi-stage sand filter cum separator machine        
  26. Motorized coconut oil/Milk extraction machine 
  27. Virgin coconut oil extraction machine    
  28. Automatic vada / bhaji making machine
  29. Pneumatic slotting and drilling machine
  30. Pedal powered threshing cum milling machine  
  31. Scissor lifting wheel chair / pneumatic lifting wheel chair               
  32. Waste Paper recycling machine
  33. Motorized hammer by using VINCI cam mechanism         
  34. Automatic plastic, wood and metal separation (shorting) machine            
  35. Smart step for children and aged people              
  36. Pin on Disc Wear Testing machine with speed control     
  37. Hydraulic drill press machine     
  38. Automatic Dosa / Appam making Machine           
  39. One side hacksaw and another side shaping machine by using scotch yoke mechanism   
  40. Solar panel cleaning with water spraying machine            
  41. Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant   
  42. Nutmeg Shell removing (Threshing) machine      
  43. Pedal operated drilling, grinding and mobile charging machine   
  44. Automatic Dry waste shorting machine 
  45. Rubber tree tapping Machine    
  46. Remote controlled Sweeping dust collecting Machine     
  47. Dual side water pumping by crank and slotted link mechanism   
  48. Automatic Pneumatic Slotting Machine 
  49. Pneumatic (hydraulic) TMT rod bending machine              
  50. Joystick controlled wall glass cleaning machine  
  51. Mechanical Pump by using Kaplan turbine           
  52. Mechanical Seed crushing Machine         
  53. Foldable conveyor with height adjustment          
  54. Automatic Motorized paper cup and paper plate making machine             
  55. Electro-Magnetic Scrap and Dust collecting Vehicle          
  56. Motorized Pipe/wood Cutting Machine using quick return Mechanism   
  57. Pedal operated scotch yoke mechanism based water pumping system    
  58. Automated paper plate Feeding and making Machine     
  59. Pneumatic Hack saw Machine with shaping attachment
  60. Drone Catching Gun / Air powered net Gun        
  61. Hydro Power plant with salt Water purification System  
  62. Combined form of Multi-operational buffing machine     
  63. Pneumatic/Engine ground driller              
  64. Eccentric motorized pipe/sheet cutting Machine
  65. Automatic Quick tool Retrieval System for Industry          
  66. Pneumatic fork lift mechanism  
  67. Fly Wheel based Water pumping System              
  68. Solar Air dryer with automatic temperature cut off system           
  69. ME069  Dual type grinding Machine        
  70. Waste Plastic converted into plastic brick / tiles making machine
  71. Hydraulic/Pneumatic spiral punching machine   
  72. Automatic Motorized Drilling and Tapping Machine         
  73. Motorized clay, dust and water removing and cleaning machine after floods        
  74. Agricultural model pump for garden       
  75. Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
  76. Motorized / Pneumatic 360 degree flexible drilling and tapping machine
  77. Mini vertical Lathe          
  78. Automatic scrap collecting & Disposing Machine
  79. Automatic Intelligent ingot feeder for pick and place operation  
  80. Automatic rubber sheet drying machine with temperature control           
  81. Motorized Coconut leaves Shredder Machine    
  82. Semi-Automated Areca Nut collecting conveyor
  83. Automatic bar code sensor based news paper wending machine
  84. Push type (drum type) seed sowing machine      
  85. Pedal operated organic waste crushing machine
  86. Vacuum conveyor for industrial Application         
  87. Magnetic Power Transmission and power Generation system     
  88. Motorized semi-automatic specimen making machine    
  89. Automatic work piece inspection cum counting conveyer             
  90. Coconut tree sprayer     
  91. Remote control cement plaster laying machine  
  92. Automatic CPR Medical Machine for Heart Patient           
  93. 360 degree rotation with speed control of Football/cricket ball kicking machine  
  94. Motorized Tender coconut peeling machine        
  95. Motorized groundnut seed sowing Machine       
  96. Torsion (spring) testing Machine              
  97. Automatic T-Shirt folding Machine          
  98. Automatic Roto moulding machine for foundry 
  99. Salt water purification by Steam Method