Engineering CSE Projects

CSE Projects (Engineering)

  1. Identification of wildlife trafficking in animal on the online platform
  • An interoperable and secure e-wallet architecture based on digital ledger technology using blockchain
  • Analysis on the Development of Financial Technology and Its Impact on Commercial Banks in the Era of Big Data
  • An Efficient Method for Diagnosing Brain Tumors Based on MRI Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Vehicles
  • A Smart, Efficient, And Reliable Parking Surveillance System With Edge Artificial Intelligence On Iot Devices
  • Verifiable And Secure Svm Classification For Cloud-Based Health Monitoring Services 
  • Convolutional Neural Network For Diabetic Foot Ulcer Classification 
  • Detection of Intruding Drones in Sensitive Areas in Real Time
  1. Automatic diagnosis of driver fatigue based on ocular aspect ratio and eye closure ratio in real-time
  1. Spatial crime distribution and prediction for sporting events using social media
  1. Advances in infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging combined with artificial intelligence for the detection of quality
  1. Comparative analysis of deepfake image detection method using convolutional neural network
  1. A Stacked Gru-Rnn-Based Approach For Predicting Renewable Energy And Electricity Load For Smart Grid Operation 
  1. Hair Segmentation And Removal In Dermoscopic Images Using Deep Learning 
  1. Lung Disease Detection Of Diabetic Patients By Dnn Approach Using Ct Scan Images 
  1. Medical Image Forgery Detection For Smart Healthcare 
  1. Plant Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network
  1. Privacy-Preserving Data Encryption Strategy For Big Data In Mobile Cloud Computing 
  • Privacy-Preserving Task Scheduling For Time-Sharing Services Of Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Fusion in stock market prediction: a decade survey on the necessity, recent developments, and potential future directions
  • Automobile insurance classification ratemaking based on telematics driving data
  • The Face Mask Detection For Preventing The Spread Of Covid-19 
  • Machine Learning Algorithms For Efficient Water Quality Prediction 
  • Vision-Based Vehicle Detection And Counting System Using Deep Learning In Highway Scenes 
  • Machine Learning Assisted Cervical Cancer Detection 
  • A Novel Approach For Bone Fracture Detection Using Image Processing 
  • Remote monitoring of Covid-19 patients using AI
  • Drone Vs. Bird Detection: Deep Learning Algorithms And Results From A Grand Challenge 
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Method For Demand Response Management Of Interruptible Load 
  • Deep learning-based road damage detection and classification for multiple countries
  • Emerging role of deep learning-based artificial intelligence in tumor pathology
  • An Ensemble Approach to Predict Early-Stage Diabetes Risk Using Machine Learning
  • An improved approach towards multi-agent pursuit–evasion game decision-making using deep reinforcement learning
  • Sedmdroid: An Enhanched Stacking Ensemble Framework For Android Malware Detection
  • Federated Machine Learning For Detection Of Skin Diseases And Enhancement Of Internet Of Medical Things (Iot) Security
  • An Empirical Analysis Of Using Blockchain Technology In E-Voting Systems
  • Deep Learning-Based Speech Emotion Recognition Using Multi-Level Fusion of Concurrent Features
  • Descriptive Analysis of Built-in Security Features in Web Development Frameworks
  • Flood area segmentation Using Unet architecture