EEE Projects

EEE Project Titles

Final year project Titles or EEE Students

  1. Substation Monitoring System – Electrical Transmission And Distribution Process 
  2. Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems 
  3. Remote Data Monitoring & Data Analysis For Power Station 
  4. Post Paid Electricity Billing Automation 
  5. Power Sharing Of Transformer With Overload Protection 
  6. EB Theft Monitoring And Control System 
  7. Artificial Intelligent Solar Tracking System With True Graph & PC Interface 
  8. Noise Less Speed Control Of DC Motor Using PWM Converter 
  9. Remote Control Of AC / DC Motor With Parameter Monitoring 
  10. Remote On / Off Of An AC / DC Motor 
  11. Remote On/Off Controller For AC Motors With Parameter Monitoring 
  12. Remote Speed Control Of AC / DC Motor 
  13. Remote Switching System For Home Appliances And Hardware
  14. Mobile technology (GSM) based remote monitoring and control of digital Energy meter.
  15. Controlling AC lamp Dimmer through Mobile Phone (IEEE-2010).
  16. Multiple Transformers oil temperature monitoring with automatic circuit breaker operation with SMS based alerts.
  17. A Novel Wireless Self-powered Microcontroller-based Monitoring Circuit for Photovoltaic Panels in Grid-connected Systems (IEEE-2010).
  18. Wireless Energy Meter reading on hand-help device based on RF Transceiver.
  19. SCADA implementation based on wireless RF technology. (IEEE-2009).
  20. Method of Measuring Power Quality and Development of Monitor Device (IEEE-2010).
  21. Motor speed monitoring and control system using GSM modem.
  22. A Smart Card Based Prepaid Electricity System.
  23. High voltage fuse blown indicator with Voice based announcement system.
  24. Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired.
  25. Industrial/power grid electrical parameter Data Acquisition system through wireless technology.
  26. DC Motors speed synchronization for rolling mills.
  27. Touch Screen based digital devices control system. This project is to build a Graphical LCD Touch Screen interface for switching electrical devices. The controlled devices can be of high voltage or low voltage.
  28. Construction of central control unit for Irrigation water pumps.  Cost effective method to control entire villagers water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterates friendly system.
  29. Wireless Energy Meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation.
  30. Home Network Configuring Scheme for All Electric Appliances Using ZigBee-based Integrated Remote Controller.
  31. Resistive Touch screen controlled contact less speed monitoring and controlling of dc motor with speed limit alerts.
  32. DC Motor Speed and direction control over GSM Mobile/Modem.
  33. Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger (IEEE-2007)
  34. Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology(IEEE-2007).
  35. Energy meter data logging system with Realtime clock and KWH readings. Very useful for historical data logging and analysis.
  36. Energy meter per-day average, Max and Min Load display on Graphical LCD.
  37. MMC/SD card based data logger for energy meter with time and KWH readings for historical data logging and analysis.
  38. PIR based energy conservation system for corporate Computers and lighting system.
  39. Development of Zigbee based Street Light (IEEE-2008)
  40. Wireless power theft monitoring system and indication at local substations.
  41. Touchscreen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments.
  42. Wireless electrical devices monitoring and controlling system for industrial applications.
  43. Microconroller and Touchscreen controlled motor speed and direction controlling system.
  44. Touchscreen operated industrial oil dispensing system (OIL SCADA).
  45. An On-line Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM SMS and Zigbee(IEEE-2008).
  46. 4-wired resistive touch screen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments with Optical isolation and zero crossing detectors. 
  47. Dual (active and standby) Lithium-ion battery charger for continuous non-interrupted power supply to critical loads.
  48. Graphical LCD and Touch Screen based Electrical devices control system.
  49. Implementation of wireless sensors network based industrial temperature monitoring system.
  50. Touchscreen based advanced temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD.
  51. GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates (No Mobile phone operation knowledge required).
  52. Triac and optically isolated diac based electrical oven temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector.
  53. High power LED based intelligent streetlight controlling system with automatic brightness control with vehicle presence sensor (GSM optional).
  54. Timer based Electrical Oven temperature monitoring and control for Metal Industries.
  55. GSM based SCADA implementation using Microcontroller.
  56. 3-phase irrigation water pump controller for illiterates using dual GSM Modems.
  57. Microcontroller based Substation Monitoring and control.
  58. Microcontroller based Generator/Alternator Control and Monitoring System
  59. Electrical Data (voltage, current, frequency etc…) Logger.
  60. Hall Effect sensor based non-contact Tachometer for electrical motors speed measurement.
  61. Microcontroller based Single phasing preventor.
  62. IR Remote controlled Irrigation water pump controller with single phasing protection.
  63. Microcontroller based Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control.
  64. Auto-Credit Energy Metering System using mifare card.
  65. PWM based DC Motor Closed loop Speed Controller.
  66. RS485 based SCADA system for longer distance powered devices
  67. Radio Frequency (RF) based Wireless Control Of DC/Stepper Motor Speed Control.
  68. RF based Wireless Electrical Devices Controller.
  69. Motor Speed Monitoring over GSM Mobile.
  70. Microcontroller based refrigeration control system.
  71. Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines.
  72. Wireless SCADA.
  73. GSM/Mobile/Cell Phone Based Device Monitoring and Control.
  74. GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
  75. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
  76. IR (Infrared) Remote based Stepper Motor Speed and Direction Controller
  77. RC5 IR Based Remote Device Switching
  78. The Robot that follows the (Infrared) Light
  79. Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor speed monitoring and control system.
  80. Digital Tachometer (Non-contact)
  81. Digital Voltage, Current and Frequency Meter.
  82. SCADA system design and construction for real-time electrical parameter monitoring and control.
  83. Transformer oil temperature monitoring with automatic Circuit Breaker operation.
  84. GSM/Mobile/Cell Phone Based Device Monitoring and Control System.
  85. Energy Tapping Identifier Through Wireless Data Acquisition System. 
  86. Substation Fuse blown Indicator.
  87. Mobile phone controlled Street Light monitoring and control system.
  88. UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems (banking/finance/medical etc).
  89. DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection.
  90. DC Motor Speed and direction control using RF/IR/Zigbee technologies.
  91. Hazardous chemical valve control system with stepper motor and line of site remote control.
  92. Contact less Motor speed monitoring on Graphical display with high and low speed alerts.
  93. Design and construction of Earth fault relay for single phase power system.
  94. RF transceiver (Zigbee/X-Bee) based energy meter monitoring system. (Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless comm.)
  95. Talking energy (KWH) meter.
  96. Sine wave Inverter.
  97. Transformerless Variable Frequency Drive
  98. Solar operated Liquid Vending machine
  99. DC-DC Converter
  100. Green wind energy for rural electrification
  101. AC-AC Converter
  102. Earth Fault relay for 3-phase power system
  103. Programmable current relay for high speed protection.
  104. MPPT Optimal Power Point Tracking system for Solar PV panels.
  105. Password enabled pre-paid liquid/milk dispensing system.
  106. High voltage fuse blown indicator with display on PC with optical isolation between PC and HV bus bars
  107. Solar based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate
  108. Voice operated Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle
  109. An On-line Monitoring System of Transmission Line Conductor De-icing(IEEE-2008).
  110. A Novel Active Clamped Dual Switch Flyback Converter 
  111. A Novel ZVZCS LLC-Type Parallel Resonant Converter with A Separated Resonant Tank 
  112. A Family of Single-Stage Resonant AC/DC Converters With PFC 
  113. Self-Oscillating Full-Bridge Electronic Ballast with Constant-Lamp-Current Control and No-Lamp-Protection Circuit 
  114. The Single-Phase Single-Switch PWM Three-Level High Power Factor Rectifier for DC Network Application 
  115. Single-Phase Matrix Converter Operating as Buck and Boost Rectifier 
  116. A Zero-Voltage-Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With State Analysis and Soft-Switching-Oriented Design Consideration 
  117. High step-up resonant push-pull converter with high efficiency 
  118. Three-Switch Active-Clamp Forward Converter with Low Switch Voltage Stress 
  119. Design, study, modeling and control of a new single-phase high power factor rectifier based on the single-ended primary inductance converter and the Sheppard-Taylor topology 
  120. Design of High Power Density DC Bus Converter Based on LLC Resonant Converter with Synchronous Rectifier 
  121. Analysis and Real-Time Testing of a Controlled Single-Phase pulse width Modulated Inverter for Capacitor-Run Induction Motors 
  122. Power Injection System for Photovoltaic Generation Plants with Active Filtering Capability Converter 
  123. A Hybrid PWM Resonant Converter Suitable for Wide Input Variation 
  124. Modeling the PWM Zeta Converter in Discontinuous Conduction Mode 
  125. Microcontroller Based Soft-Switched Buck Converter 
  126. ZVS Resonant DC-link Inverter using Soft Switching Boost Converter 
  127. Analysis and implementation of an Improved Soft-switched Synchronous Buck Converter 
  128. The output shaft voltage analysis of an inverter under wide-range input voltages in electric vehicles (EV) 
  129. Zero-Current-Transition Bridgeless PFC Without Extra Voltage and Current Stress 
    Single-Phase Z-Source Buck-Boost Matrix Converter 
  130. Novel Half-Bridge Inductive DC-DC Isolated Converters for Fuel Cell Applications 
  131. Loss-Free Balancing Circuit for Series Connection of Electrolytic Capacitors Using an Auxiliary Switch-Mode Power Supply 
  132. Implementation of a Zero Voltage Switching Sepic-Cuk Converter 
  133. Analysis and Control of Buck-Boost Chopper Type AC Voltage Regulator 
  134. Evaluation of DSP-Based PID and Fuzzy Controllers for DC-DC Converters 
  135. Positive Voltage Injection Switching Inductor (P-VISI) Method for Fast Transient
  136. Response in SMPS under Loading Condition 
  137. Identification of Feasible Topologies for Multiple-Input DC-DC Converters 
  138. Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems 
  139. Iterative Behavioral Modeling of Charge-Pump-Based Electronic Ballast-Fluorescent Lamp System 
  140. Single-Stage Single-Switch Switched-Capacitor Buck/Buck-Boost-Type 
  141. Soft Switching of Negative-Output KY Buck Converter 
  142. Steady State Characteristics of Active-Clamped Full-Wave Zero-Current-Switched Quasi-Resonant Boost Converters 
  143. A Novel Single-Stage High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast With Boost Topology for Multiple Fluorescent Lamps 
  144. A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier With Optimized Magnetic Utilization 
  145. Compact High Voltage IGBT Switch for Pulsed Power Applications 
  146. Compensation Loop Design of A Photovoltaic System Based on Constant Voltage MPPT 
  147. A Fixed-frequency Sliding Mode Controller for Buck Converter in Continuous Conduction Mode 
  148. An Interleaved Twin-Buck Converter with Zero-Voltage-Transition 
  149. Passive and Active Hybrid Integrated EMI Filters 
  150. Single-Stage Fly back Converter for Constant Current Output LED Driver with Power Factor Correction 
  151. Design and Comparison of Two Front-end DC/DC Converters: LLC Resonant Converter and Soft-switched Phase-shifted Full-bridge Converter with Primary-side Energy Storage Inductor 
  152. Modeling of a SEPIC Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode 
    Design of High Voltage, High Power and High Frequency Transformer in LCC Resonant Converter 
  153. Switching Control Strategy to Minimize Dual Active Bridge Converter Losses 
  154. Light-Load Efficiency Improvement for Buck Voltage Regulators 
  155. Active-Clamping Dual Resonant Converter 
  156. Study on Dual-Loop Grid Current Control Scheme for Grid-Connected Inverter with an LCL-Filter 
  157. An Interleaved Boost Converter With Zero-Voltage Transition 
  158. Self-Oscillating Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps 
  159. Design and Implementation of Microcontroller based PWM technique for Sine wave Inverter 
  160. Comparison of Z-Source Inverter and Traditional Two-Stage Boost-Buck Inverter in Grid-tied Renewable Energy Generation 
  161. A Systematic Approach to Synthesizing Multi-Input DC-DC Converters 
  162. Analysis and implementation of Matrix Converter 
  163. Analysis and implementation of An Efficient Active LC Snubber for Forward Converters 
  164. A Novel Single-Stage High-Power-Factor AC/DC Converter Featuring High Circuit Efficiency 
  165. A Qualitative comparison of bifurcation in single cell and two cell buck converter 
  166. AC/DC power conversion interface for self-excited induction generator 
  167. Family of Soft-Switching PWM Converters With Current Sharing in Switches 
  168. A Single-Stage High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast With ZVS Buck-Boost Conversion 
  169. Very-High-Frequency Resonant Boost Converters 
  170. Analysis and implementation of Two-Stage AC-DC Converter to Drive SRM with Sampling and Startup Considered 
  171. High-Efficiency Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System With Input current Ripple Reduction 
  172. An Efficient Common-Mode Hybrid EMI Filter Used in Switch-mode Power Supply 
  173. Topology and analysis of Voltage-lift-type Cuk converters 
  174. Design-Oriented Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Buck PFC Front-End 
    Single-Stage Offline SEPIC Converter with Power Factor Correction to Drive High Brightness LEDs